Sunday, September 8, 2013

Meeting with Joe Abercrombie

Yesterday visited Moscow Joe Abercrombie. Do you know Joe? Have you read his books? I've read, he's a great writer and a great guy. Recommend reading his books in the genre of dark fantasy. And for those who doubt, it is best to check out my review on the trilogy of Joe Abercrombie's First Law.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Some books in Russian

In 2013, Amazon will come to Russia. So I decided to upload a few of our co-author of books in Russian now.

ТЕХНОТЬМА (TechnoTma PA series)

1. Пароль: Вечность (Password: Eternity) -
 2. Кланы Пустоши (The Wastelands Clans) -
 3. Воин Пустоши (The Wastelands Warrior) -
 4. Варвары Крыма (The Barbarians of the Crimea) -
 5. Песчаный блюз (Sand Blues) -
 6. Падение небес (Falling Skies) -
 7. Джагер (Jagger) -
 8. Последняя битва (The Last Battle) -


1. Я-сталкер. Осознание (I, Stalker. Insight - book 1)

 2. Я-сталкер. Антизона (I, Stalker. The AntiZone - book 2)