Monday, May 14, 2012

Post Apocalyptic Art in Russia: Vladimir Manyukhin

art by V. Manyukhin
It's high time I introduce Vladimir Manyukhin, Russia's leading graphic artist working in the post apocalyptic genre and incidentally, a very good friend of mine. Vladimir has a very special talent for converting existing images of popular landmarks to barren landscapes devoid of any traces of civilization. Recently, Vladimir has been getting some very positive feedback in the international media, so let's hope his works get the appreciation they deserve!

art by V. Manyukhin

By the way, Vladimir Manyukhin has also created the cover art for both the Russian and English versions of Memoria. A Corporation of Lies - my last novel set in a futuristic post-war USA. Below you can see the English cover as well as some of Vladimir's more inspired work. Enjoy!


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