Tuesday, August 28, 2012

summer reading (short review #2)

No Easy Hope (Surviving the Dead) by James N. Cook

Funnily enough, I read the second book first (This Shattered Land), not even knowing it was a sequel. So now I got this book and stared at it long and hard realizing my mistake. I'm a firm believer in the theory that sequels normally turn out better: after all, the author gains a certain experiance and usually becomes a better writer by the time he or she start their second book. But here, I found it hard to tell which one of the two was better.

The adventures of Gabe and Eric belong to the domain of good old men's books of action and adventure, and for some reason reminded me of Wilbur Smith - one of my favorite authors. As someone with a military background,I could really appreciate all the fine details of weapons and physical training: Mr. Cook definitely writes what he knows! A gripping, exciting read. Shame I've already read the second one.

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