Thursday, December 6, 2012

Report from the set

Today arrived in Moscow Jackie Chan. Yesterday I reported on his visit an old friend, who was twelve years ago and introduced me to Jackie. SMS sent late at night, phoned and talked, reminisce first meeting...

In the late eighties, in the era of video clubs, it was difficult to find peers who have not heard about Jackie Chan. I've also been a fan of his movies, watched a few times, which is already there, and was looking forward to the premiere. Collected articles about him from magazines and newspapers (internet then do not have). Frankly, when I came on leave from the army learned that JC-Team spent shooting in Moscow in 1995, and there was Jackie. I learned about it at the time, knocked to AWOL from the military unit))). But no luck. But in October 2000 I met with him after all. He's an amazing person, cheerful, full of energy and strength. We talked for five minutes, and I thought I knew him a long time.I am grateful and thankful to the fate of the people who organized a meeting with Jackie. One was 15 years old, his name is Andrew Evgrafov. Second, Nadir Mamedov, an employee of CASCADE-FILM capture at JC-Team in 95th and Jackie accompanied during his visit in 2000. Nadir courtesy of some unique shots Jackie and told interesting facts from the life of a movie star.
Jackie Chan on the set. Red Square (1995)

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