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The Black Sea has dried up and become the main desert, inhabited by mutated land sharks, poisonous jellyfish, strange crabs etc. In the middle of the desert is a salty remnant of the former sea where we find the city of ships. There are even some special places where very strange unexplainable things can happen, like the Magnet-Anomaly that we find in the first part of the Odnis Clans. 

(art by I. Khivrenko)

FIGURES, the main characters, groups etc

BEDUINS – live in the middle of the Odnis, a very dangerous place, they stay in small groups and prey on small lizards

MUTAFAGE – resembles an animal, low intelligence.

MUTANTS – anthropomorphic, humanoid, few in numbers, primitive and even more aggressive than normal humans.

FARMER – lives in areas that support agriculture, some have joined together to form the defensive league of farmers

(art by A. Didenko)

BANDITS – enough said, the name says it all really.

(art by A. Didenko)

SKYWALKERS – those that have the skill to fly light aircraft, balloons etc. Base station in Minsk, or what’s left of it after the plague, sort of resembles a giant beehive.

(art by A. Didenko)

PURITANS – a gung ho sect whose members dress in monk-like habits. They regard themselves as a cleansing unit and go around killing mutants, with their two HQ called Cathedrals in Minsk and Kiev.

(art by A. Didenko)

ARMS – Kharkov is the area where the weapons are invented and produced, although the marketing is mainly controlled by Moscow.

MOSCOW CLANS – The good guys rub shoulders with the bad guys. Greed, survival of the fittest and the criminal code of honour are the ruling order of the times. Those who've been to Moscow can easily recognize all the landmarks.

(cover art by A. Didenko)

NECROSE (fungal virus) – it appeared out of nowhere after the catastrophe,possibly from outer space, but most seem to believe that it really came from the DOMINATORS. It’s slowly but surely spreading across the entire continent, like a deadly green carpet.

DOMINATORS – very little is known about them, apart from some evidence of huge platform-like objects that occasionally appear floating in the sky


EGOR RAZIN – Mercenary (Password: Eternity, Sandblues, Falling skies)
TURAN DZHAI – Farmer and later on Soldier (Clans of the Waste Lands, Fighter of the Waste Lands,  Falling skies )
ALBINOS – A refugee from the Crimea mountains (Barbarian of the Crimea, Sandblues – where he meets Egor Razin,  Falling skies)
VIK KASPER – Young man from a Moscow mercenary clan (Jagger, Last battle)

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