Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring reading (short review #1)

Well, the Fifty shades of Magic by Sherrie L is a very interesting sample of upernatural&urban fantasy. It is the first novel of the author and it is great for a start. It is sweet, adorable and really well-plotted.The action unfolds in NYC – in the big city where anything can happen.
The succubae and incubi live among us. A young girl, a university freshman, was possessed by one of the demons. She has to come to close quarters with the demons to get her own body back. She becomes a demon hunter and joins the secret organization of demon hunters. Cesar, the chief hunter, becomes her mentor. Allison collides with discrimination, distrust and violence and she has to struggle for her freedom. 
The main part of the action is set idoors and we don`t see true New York. I am not sure about the triangular building of the Research Center in Brooklyn but the idea is interesting and unusual. I think the characters are the author artistic achievement. They are various and well-developed, both people and demons. It seems to me women have to like Scarlet, the lover demon, because he is so enchanting and manful. As for me I do like Kuschner, Director. Under the mask of equanimity he is a man of a certain determination and force. 

I suppose the main theme of the novel is the search of freedom and struggling for freedom. I can say that the demons in the novel symbolize the dark sides of human nature which everyone has to struggle against to be a good spirit. And Allison is the best embodiment of aiming for freedom. She is a true heroine, the girl who learns to cope with challenges and determine her life on her own.

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